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Lawn Cutting & Exterior Maintenance

Weed Trimming - Duce's Lawn Service

Duce's Lawn Service in Scott provides for residential and commercial properties.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Avoid bending and stooping to weed and prune your flower beds. Duce's Lawn Service will take care of that for you with our flowerbed maintenance services. We will water the soil, separate pedals of close flowers, remove weeds, trim off dead pedals or leaves, and more. We can also start a new flower bed, which includes turning up the soil, fertilizing, creating the edges, and planting the shoots or seeds.

Grass Cutting

Maintaining a neat, uniform lawn length and appearance takes a lot of time. If you’d rather spend your time doing other things outdoors, contact Duce's Lawn Service and let us cut your grass for you. You’ll have the greenest lawn on the street without breaking a sweat.


Our landscapers in Scott also offer weed-eating to keep your yard looking beautiful all summer long. Weeds grow quickly and easily, so ignoring one small weed can quickly turn into an out of control eyesore. Don’t let your oasis turn into a backyard thorny jungle—we’ll get rid of those weeds and apply the right chemicals so they don’t grow back.


Our Louisiana landscapers also provide landscaping services for homes and businesses, including building retaining walls, flower bed curbs, installing paver stones and decorative concrete, and much more. We also clean up storm debris, rake leaves, and pick up lawn clippings. Talk to our team and we’ll customize our services to meet your needs.


Duce's Lawn Service also trims your trees, scrubs, and bushes, keeping them looking neat and healthy. We can trim one or several trees and scrubs and always clean up all clippings and debris completely.